Books & Publications for Artists

Personal publications and books are a fundamental step for a professional artist as it is important to communicate the right messages to art lovers, galleries and collectors. Stature, credibility and elegance are of exceptional importance if an artist wishes to succeed.


Other forms of promotion?

Websites, portals and catalogues that simply showcase work are useful but are unfortunately too common and have little long and medium-term impact. Many artists invest thousands of pounds in exhibitions but fail to attract the right kind of attention.

Investors buy success

The appreciation of art is fundamentally subjective as facts may surround the career of an artist but cannot mathematically confirm value or quality regardless of artistic merit. The more prestigious a publication is, the more prestigious an artist becomes and many galleries actually require printed publications to help present and promote an artist to their clients. 

It is also true that art publications can become part of important libraries and collections. Unlike the Internet, books are not aimed at just anyone but speak volumes about an artist's prestige and potential.


Visibility of ICAC publications

• ICAC will place the book for sale on Amazon in order to reach an international audience. ICAC will invest in the printing of the books for this purpose at no extra cost to the artist.

• Printed copies of the book will be sent to the leading curators of some of the most important museums and libraries in the world such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, MOMA, Louvre, Tate, the British Library, the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, the Cambridge University Library, the National Library of Scotland, the Library of Trinity College, Dublin and the National Library of Wales.

• Digital copies of the book will be sent to 500 international art galleries.

Your ICAC publication - how it works

1. We need:

  • 80-100 images of artworks
  • Images of the artist
  • Images of the artist at work or in the studio
  • Images of the artist with people of note such as 
    gallery curators, politicians or acclaimed people
  • Artist statement, thoughts and philosophies
  • Full biography
  • Full Curriculum Vitae

2. Telephone/video artist interview with an ICAC art historian
3. First digital draft of the publication within one month
4. Physical books packed and posted within two months
5. Considering the realisation time and work involved, ICAC only makes a handful of these books every year.


Timing, Information & Price

  • All books are subject to approval by our critics and are only made if the critiques will all be positive
  • Book are usually ready within 6-8 weeks
  • Price: From £2,400 GBP



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