Karen Lappon - Art Critic

Karen Lappon, born in Santander, Spain, is an Italian art critic and essay writer that operates in London, UK. 
Although an expert on the Italian Renaissance period, Lappon is also great admirer of contemporary art. Karen studied at the "I Liceo Artistico in Via Ripetta" and at the "La Sapienza" University in Rome. 
A book of great interest curated by Karen is the "2nd Millenium", the publication of an important exhibition at the Lord Leighton Museum, in which the talent and art of the prominent painter, Frances Turner - selected 5 times in a row for the BP Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London - is highlighted. This artist has been spotted and appreciated by another great critic, Normal Searle, that wrote an article in the Evening Standard on one of Frances' paintings. 
"Vita e Opere di Antonio Sbrana" is a publication in which Lappon ties the activity of Sbrana and his influences on the "Macchiaioli" of the 19th century, like Natali and Fattori. A publication that illustrates the continuity of this movement and how it is still present in Italy today. 
Besides being a consultant for the Chianciano Museum of Art, Karen Lappon is part of the Board that selects artists for the Biennale, a difficult task that she has undertaken since 2009, along with other curators, to choose 100 artists out of 2000 applicants that will be part of the Chianciano Biennale. 
Karen is part of the jury of the London Biennale where 120 artists, selected from 40 different countries participate, and has been chosen by the organisers to accompany the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea during the opening of the biennale.