ICAC Art Contest (closed - ended in July 2016)


For Emerging and Established Artists

Selection process: Closed

Deadline 20th July 2016, (until 11.59pm, U.K. time!)


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This is ICAC's first art contest so we have made it really special. The prizes are all exactly what an artist needs to open doors and break barriers. Good luck to everyone who takes part.




A  360º Promotion for Free


►  1st Prize - Hardback 72 page book about you and your art

  • A beautiful and elegant 72 page personal hardback publication about you and your art, realised, created and written by the International Confederation of Art Critics.
  • Free Distribution to the British Library, Bodleian Libraries of Oxford University, Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, Library of Trinity College, Dublin and the National Library of Wales.
  • Digital copies of the book sent for free to 500 international art galleries.
  • Free International Audience with your book on Amazon sold by ICACBooks are sold at cost price. 

Example Hardback Book

Standard features

  • A4 format
  • Professional graphic design
  • Preface by art critic
  • Artist biography written by art historian
  • 2 critiques by art critics
  • Artwork analysis by an art critic
  • Hardcover
  • 72 pages, 100gsm
  • Up to 80 full colour images
  • 2 free hardback copies


►  2nd Prize - Your work exhibited at the London Art Biennale 2017

    • The London Art Biennale gathers 120 artists from 40 nations and takes places every two years in the heart of London's King's Road in Chelsea.
    • The Biennale is presented at the Chelsea Old Town Hall. www.londonbiennale.co.uk


    ►  3rd Prize - Your work exhibited at the Chianciano Art Biennale 2018

    • The Chianciano Biennale is organised by the Chianciano Art Museum and presents over 100 artists from 50 nations taking place every two years in Tuscany, Italy. www.biennalechianciano.museodarte.org


    ►  4th Prize - Your work published on Saatchi Museum Magazine

    • work published on the Official Saatchi Gallery Magazine in London, readership 250,000.
    • The magazine is also distributed in the Saatchi Museum.
    • The 3rd prize winner will be published on a full page on Saatchi Magazine with three other artists. Publication date: May 2017
    • www.saatchigallery.com/artandmusic


        ►  5th, 6th & 7th Prize - Professional Art Critique about your work

        • An art critique by an ICAC critic.
        • All or parts of the critique can be used at an artist's discretion on their website or other printed material that they make in the future - the main thing is that artists are able to benefit and use the document to increase stature and credibility in the eyes of investors.

        Example Art Critique

        ►  8th, 9th & 10th Prize - Artist Website by experts

        • Professional artist website created by the ICAC team. 
        • ICAC professional websites are for artists who want to convey their personality and style not only through a mere online exhibition of their artworks, but also through a site that reflects their character, professional nature and tastes with all the most advanced technology and creative ability of our web designers. We work hand in hand with the artist to create a perfect harmony in order to ensure and deliver a high quality product.
        • If the winning artist already has a website, the artist can opt to have an art critique instead.


        Eligibility and Requirements

        Just your Art, Nothing else

        • Are you a visual artist? That's it.
        • Or would you like to apply on behalf of an artist? This is accepted for living artists.


        Selection Process and Deadline

        Create, Apply and Win

        • Artists are selected purely on the basis of talent.
        • Deadline: 20th July 2016 (until 11.59pm, U.K. time!)
        • The winners will be communicated on the 30th of July 2016. (Due to high numbers of applications, the winners will be annoucned on Wednesday 3rd of August.
        • The selection process is closed!


        How to Apply

        • Fill out the form (link below) with the artist's name and an email address.
        • £10 administrative application fee.
        • We will then email you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) requesting 5 artwork images by email.
        • That's it.