Welcome to ICAC

The International Confederation of Art Critics (ICAC), based in London, is an ever growing community of professionals qualified in History of Art, Curatorial Studies and other related fields.

Members are academics, journalists and graduates who are involved in the art world. The role of an ICAC member is as an interpreter, a translator of the wonderful disciplines incorporated in visual art. To explain the painting, the installation, the sculpture to the public at large. Art Critics have the responsibility to act as the trait d’union between the viewer and the artist's creation. This role is not to emphasise the negative aspects of an artwork, but more importantly, to explain and render the artistic creation comprehensible.

The ICAC critic must use the written word to aid the artist to be seen in the right light. Even exceptionally talented artists have difficulty with visibility and having thier work seen, therefore academic writing is a fundamental part in the communication and unveiling of art. With the use of articles and essays - whether journalistic or academic, printed or on-line - opinions are formed, based on education and experience creating a bridge between the art lover and the creator.